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Tuesday 28.09.2021 | Live Online & Interactive

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Digitalization is already changing the operations and strategies of maritime companies allowing  ​the maritime industry to make better-informed decisions more quickly, creating more efficient and responsive organization. The pandemic has fuelled maritime’s digitalisation acceleration, with a plethora of technologies driving this revolution (ex Big Data, IIoT, AI, M.L, IPA, Blockchain), and a multitude of different ways to interpret their implementation and effectiveness.

Ships are increasingly being fitted with advanced sensors to monitor fuel consumption and energy efficiency, providing real-time data that can be integrated into an overall fleet management system for continuous learning and optimization of operations.

Ports around the world are now increasingly taking advantage of new technology as better connected ports have an advantage as we approach the second digital revolution

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Maritime stakeholders believes there is massive untapped potential for the shipping industry to improve its efficiency through harnessing data flows from operations that can have a positive impact on commercial, environmental and safety performance.

A wide range of decision support systems to optimize shipping operations, information systems for logistic support of ports and tools for policymakers are the legacy of modern digitalization of shipping. AI-driven performance models are a critical tool to understand both how vessels are performing, and how to improve them. The transparency unlocked by the insights that A.I extracts could also create new opportunities to rethink fundamental relationships in the shipping industry, including those between ship and shore.

While this connectivity is a benefit which outweighs the risks, it is only when the risks are seen with clear insight and understanding. Consequently cyber safety is an ongoing technological and human process across all of society and not a certificate.

Since shipping and ports go hand-in-hand as disruption to one creates a ripple effect for the other, the 7th ShipIT Conference 2021 will underpin and cover in breadth and depth all the relevant aspects of maritime digital transformation aiming and trigger to:

  • increase competitiveness
  • enhance operational efficiency
  • improve safety
  • cyber safety
  • quest for zero-emission

The Scope of the Conference

ShipIT Conference 2021 is a one-day strategic event addressed to the maritime, shipping, ocean freight and port industry, analyzing the impact of the digitalization on the Maritime’s operations and business performance.

The conference is creating a unique knowledge exchange and networking platform for the maritime and port industry, where senior business and OT and IT executives meet, discuss and evaluate how critical to the Shipping Companies as well as to Port Operations a Robust Digital Strategy is.

In an industry increasingly reliant on automation and remote monitoring, the need for robust cyber risk management of critical systems and assets on ships as well as on ports has never been more acute.

The pandemic has inadvertently accelerated technology adoption in shipping and companies, not already in the cloud, took the opportunity to invest in cloud-based solutions. This has automated many operational tasks and made it easier for the ship managers and crew to work together.

As the world moves beyond the pandemic increasingly shipping companies will be turning to technology to address operational challenges. This digital transformation will have a powerful effect on how they operate now and in future, bringing them in line with industries that have been benefiting from technology for decades


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Meet the


International Keynote Speaker

Dr. Konstantinos Galanis

Chairman of The Board at International Ship Recycling Association

Academic Keynote Speaker

Chronis Kapalidis

Principal at the Information Security Forum

Industry Keynote Speaker

Christos Hadjigeorgiou

Managing Director Almi Marine Management SA

Industry Keynote Speaker

Stavros Meidanis

Managing Director & Chief Sustainability Officer, Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp

Keynote Speaker

Panos Xenokostas

Founder and CEO ONEX Shipyards & Technologies

Anastasios Arampatzis

Cybersecurity | Information Security Content Writer

Eftihia Benaki

IT Manager / CySO at Minerva Marine Inc. Member Board of AMMITEC

Stefanos Christakis

IT Innovation Manager, Euronav Ship Management

Dr Michele Fiorini

Chair, The IET Italy Network

Nicolas Furgé

President Digital Marlink

Nikitas Kladakis

Chief Executive Officer, Netbull

Paola Hadjilambri

Director of Business Development,Michael Kyprianou – Advocates & Legal Consultants

Dr. Soren Vinther Hansen

Director, VesOPS ApS

Russell Kempley

Chief Security Officer at CyberOwl

John Kokkotos

Head of Process Automation Greece & Cyprus, ABB S.A.

Argyris Makrygeorgou

Ηead of Managed Cybersecurity Services, Algosystems

Dr. Matthew Maheras

IT Manager Metrostar Management Corp, General Secretary AMMITEC

Dr. Michalis Michaloliakos

Team Leader Cyber Security & Network, TMS Cardiff Gas

Jose Milhazes

Business Process Innovation Manager at GasLog Ltd

Dr. Nikitas Nikitakos

Professor, Dept. of Shipping Trade and Transport, University of the Aegean

Dr. Theodoros Ntouskas

Managing Director,

Christos Papandreou

Energy Efficiency & Fleet Performance, Athenian Sea Carriers, Ltd.

Stelios Sambanis

President AMMITEC & Head of ICT, GasLog

Themistoklis Sardis

Vice President AMMITEC, IT Μanager Costamare Shipping

Anastasios Sarris

Channel Sales Business Developer SEE, Schneider Electric

Konstantina Syntila

Cyber Security Specialist, Leader Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Cisco

Apostolos Traganis

Operations & Technology Supervisor of Netbull

Dimitris Xernos

Consulting, Technology, Manager PRIORITY

Key Issues

Moving into the cloud has enabled crews on board and on shore to collaborate on tasks from inspections to crew management, purchasing and inventory to compliance, maintenance, and technical tasks. The real advantage is that staff can access information and data anytime, anywhere, including on a smartphone. Nowadays cloud technology has been the game changer

The cloud has facilitated the sharing of business-critical information such as important maritime instructions, crew schedules, payroll data and other key communications by teams onshore with the crews and it can be actioned immediately, ensuring the company is responsive and dynamic and can react to any situation.

Ports around the world are now increasingly taking advantage of new technology as digitalisation of ports will allow them to operate more autonomously and efficiently. 5G will be the catalyst for such innovation, but the current priorities of mobile operators do not readily lend themselves to providing coverage at ports

Business Intelligence has become more relevant in recent years since it enables companies to conduct enhanced analysis of any kind using existing data and match this against various KPIs. At the same time give to the customers enhanced insights into their operational data and drive a data culture across the organisation to improve business decision making.

Nowadays one thing is certain within the maritime industry, smart shipping has arrived, IIoT solutions and cybersecurity protection will become focal services in the next 2-3 years and providers have transformed its business model to a SaaS.

Consequently, the 7th ShipIT Conference focuses on three key sessions:

  • AI and M.L for maritime industry to increase productivity & performance and shape a greener future
  • Innovative maritime technologies  that supports the achievement of specific goals
  • Achieving digitalisation and complying with cyber security

Speakers will analyze and evaluate:

  • best practices & examples of how maritime  managers can leverage real-time data for operational decision making
  • the steps that can be taken to strike digital balance as it upgrades business models
  • the importance of the maritime digitalization journey, both on the operations as well as on the business side
  • what ship and port owners and managers should know about cyber safety
  • how fleet owners and operators can benefit from a unified view of operations

Topics included

With this framework at the ShipIT Conference 2021, we will seek to highlight and discuss about:

  • Maritime Digital Transformation & Technological Developments
  • Digitalization by IIoT solutions & Automation for Vessel Optimisation
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Maritime Industry
  • Data Driven Decision Management & Business Intelligence
  • Cyber Safety & Cyber Resilience
  • Blockchain as the next big revolution in shipping
  • Classification in the digital age


What will you learn?

At the ShipIT Conference, participants and delegates will:

Meet, the disruptors in the maritime digitalization and the visionaries looking to transform shipping
Learn, how the ideas of maritime digitalization are being received by the ship, ocean freight and port owning community
Pinpoint, where the latest maritime ICT , OT as well as Cyber Safety issues join with the business performance in the maritime industry

What is there for you?

As digitalization is becoming an integral part of the whole maritime industry, more and more operators can benefit from its use and there are interesting new technologies that aspire to move maritime forward. On the other side, there are numerous risks that need to be identified, understood, and mitigated to make sure that technologies are safely integrated into the shipping and port operations and strategic design.

7th ShipIT Conference on September 28th will focus on where the maritime industry has got to with digital technology and where it needs to go. In this era, the ShipIT Conference 2021 will provide shipping executives, port & ocean freight operators and maritime authority attendees with the tools and know-hows of how to:

  • Leverage digital and disruptive technologies to answer to the new needs of the maritime industry
  • Present and assess the importance of ICT and OT in creating best practices, innovative approaches, unique business models and tools to harness maritime business opportunities
  • Stay ahead of the innovation curve, with the digitalization of the maritime sector
  • Address business issues rather than technical ones, as it is bringing maritime business leaders together with CIO’s & COT’s to explore the digital maritime business case
  • Determine, what data from vessels is actually helping in management decision making, such as better planning maintenance, monitoring crew performance, monitoring vessel performance
  • Appraise the Cyber Security tackle as well as the threat modelling and defence


Who should attend?

The ShipIT Conference is a must attend event for the Shipping Companies, Port Operators, Ocean Freight and Maritime Authorities.

The one-day strategic event of deep discussion on maritime digital transformation will be attended by

  • Owners and CEO’s
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Performance Analysts
  • Operators
  • Builders
  • Senior business and technical executives
  • Suppliers providing:
    • Software / Data Services
    • Ship Shore Communications
    • Shipboard Electronics / Safety / Navigation Systems
    • Control Systems / Power
    • Security Technology

10 Reasons Why You Must Attend This!

  • Learn how to roll out effective digitalization policies, procedures, and frameworks
  • Leverage the most suitable solution for your business objectives
  • Improve best practices for pooling and integrating multiple data feeds to create a single unified view of a vessel or port’s operations
  • Explore how maritime  managers can leverage real-time data for operational decision making without overwhelming their teams
  • Plan and implement an effective cyber-security&safety strategy

  • Enhance data visibility impact to commercial performance
  • Expand what information C-level leaders need to make better strategic decisions and how fleet owners and operators can benefit from a unified view of operations
  • Security infrastructure hardening – Best practices and proven techniques
  • Understand how you can manage your digital & cybersecurity vendors 
  • Make sure that you have taken every possible step to keep your operations cyber safe



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