“Implementing NIST CyberSecurity Framework using ISACA COBIT5 to better manage and reduce cybersecurity risk”

Michalis Samiotakis, Vice President, ISACA Athens Chapter

Download the presentation (Zip 7857 KB)

“AMMITEC Guidelines on Cyber Security Awareness”

George Efthimiou, IT Administrator and security expert

Download the presentation (Zip 2828 KB)

“Cyber Security Guidelines for Ships”

Aron Sorensen, Chief Marine Technical Officer, BIMCO

Download the presentation (Zip 13517 KB)

“Lessons learned from Information Security risk management in maritime industry”

Leonidas Tertipis, IT Governance Senior Consultant, Priority SA

Download the presentation (Zip 2603 KB)

“Cyber Security at Naftomar Shipping & Trading – A integrated approach”

Haris Pylarinos, IT / Security Engineer, Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd. Inc.

Download the presentation (Zip 58164 KB)

“Cyber Security: A Strategic Approach in the Shipping Industry”

Nikitas Kladakis, Information Security Director of Netbull IT Services Ltd

Download the presentation (Zip 13882 KB)

“Deploying Information and Communications Technology in a Shipping Company – a Management Systems approach”

Apostolos Poulovassilis, COO, Eletson Corporation

Download the presentation (Zip 5633 KB)

“The latest developments in e-navigation and Big Data”

Michael Rambaut, Marine Electronics Consultant

Download the presentation (Zip 6698 KB)

“Big Data and Shipping: Technologies, Challenges & Opportunities”

Dr. Damianos Chatziantoniou, Director of MSc in Business Analytics, AUEB

Download the presentation (Zip 2127 KB)

“Living the new world of work: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement on Microsoft Cloud”

Constantinos Kattirdjis, Account Executive, Microsoft Cyprus

Petros Andreou, Manager of Database & Middleware, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Download the presentation (Zip 9485 KB)

“Thenamail+: Improve Productivity and Collaboration using modern Messaging and Content Management Technologies”

Damon Kostadimas, Senior Presales Consultant, Step One

Christos Georgiou, IT Manager, Thenamaris

Download the presentation (Zip 3476 KB)

“So, you think that ERP can’t be grouped with communications, emails and documents? Introducing a new path for bringing your team together!”

Michael Anastasakis, IT&T Independent Consultant, Maritime Sector, Benefit Software

Download the presentation (Zip 14510 KB)

“The next steps for your vessels’ IT infrastructure. The details that matter to maximize the potential”

Christian Vakarelis, VP, Media Communications, Navarino

Download the presentation (Zip 5649 KB)

“Transforming Information Management”

Nikos Palaskonis, Territory Sales Manager of VERITAS in Greece & Cyprus

Download the presentation (Zip 8871 KB)

“The human element aspects of the cyber-enabled ship”

Dr Jonathan Earthy, Human Factors Coordinator, Marine Technology & Engineering Services Global Technology Centre, Lloyd’s Register EMEA

Download the presentation (Zip 2991 KB)

“Internet and the Maritime Industry – Mind the (technology) Gap”

Adonis Violaris, Chairman of the ICT Committee of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and Marketing Director of Interorient Shipmanagement

Download the presentation (Zip 5435 KB)

“Effective strategies and solutions for Crew Welfare – EMR”

Panagiota P. Chrysanthi, DPA & QSE Manager / EMR, Andriaki Shipping Co Ltd.

Download the presentation (Zip 2752 KB)

“Real time risk assessment in maritime application”

Dr. Nikitas Nikitakos, Professor, Dept. of Shipping Trade and Transport

Download the presentation (Zip 12240 KB)

“Maritime Digital Transformation through a personal long story”

Achilleas Choursoglou, AMMITEC BoD

Download the presentation (Zip 54 KB)

“A new challenge for the role of modern IT Dept. in Shipping”

Tasos Makris, Information System. Director, Gourdomichalis Maritime & AMMITEC BoD

Download the presentation (Zip 345 KB)