Planning & Analysis Supervisor, Marine Personnel Department, Thenamaris (Ship Management) Inc.

Dr. Dimitrios – Konstantinos Vasilakis

Dimitrios – Konstantinos Vasilakis holds a PhD in Operational Research from Athens University of Economics and Business and an MSc in Computer Science from Imperial College, London. He joined Thenamaris, Marine Personnel Department, in 2011 aiming to make crewing lean and effective through scientific methods and tools. Dimitris has contributed as business analyst and project leader in the development of the Crew Scheduling System (CRS), Seafarers Portal and Crew Training Planner in Thenamaris.

His expertise includes business analysis and modelling by applying mathematical programming methods.

Presentation Title:

Making Crew Scheduling lean, scientific & simple

Since 2011, when we first initiated a digital and lean transformation effort in Thenamaris Marine Personnel Department, the Crew Scheduling System (jointly developed with Best Practice Consulting) has become the core system and a single point of reference for various groups of business users and partners. It is simple, as it offers to any user, even those with least ‘IT literature’, the opportunity to visualize or interact with the plan and make optimal scheduling decisions. It is lean, offering a variety of structured workflows related to seafarers’ pre-embarkation processing, certification, dispatch and performance monitoring. Most importantly, it integrates a powerful optimization engine developed with mathematical programming techniques (MILP) which proposes the optimal schedule over any fleet cluster and planning horizon, by considering a large set of business constraints.

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