Senior consultant and researcher, Maritime security and Cybersecurity

Eyal Pinko

Eyal Pinko (Navy Commander, retired) served in the Israeli navy for 23 years, in operational, technological and intelligence duties.

Eyal served for 5 more years as the head of division at the ministry of defense (Civilian rank equal to RADM).

Eyal holds the Israel’s security award, prime minister’s decoration of excellence, DDR&D decoration of excellence, and IDF commander in chief decoration of excellence.

Since August 2017, he is a senior private consultant for cyber, maritime cyber and security at the Israeli National cyber security authority, and for other companies.

He holds bachelor’s degree with honor in electronics engineering, and two master’s degrees with honor in political science and in organizational development.

Since 2016, he has been a PhD candidate at the Bar-Ilan university and a Research Fellow at the Haifa Maritime Policy and Strategy Research Center.

Presentation Title:

Ports and vessels digitization, Threats and challenges in the cyber domain

The world of shipping and maritime transport has experienced a major transformation in recent years, and in particular the growth in connectivity, digitization, automation and integration of information and logistics systems of the ports, of the shipping companies and on ships.
The ports operate numerous computer systems for port management, loading and unloading of containers and cargo, movement and storage within the port and maritime control systems, data systems for customer relations, physical security systems, etc. All of the systems are interconnected by means of the Internet and are also connected to the ships.
Vessels are also equipped with numerous systems: detection and satellite systems, monitoring of ships, loading of maps, control of the engines and steering, various of sensors, control of cargo and transshipment, etc.
The various systems on a ship are interconnected, as well as being connected to the port and the shipping companies by means of satellite and other channels of communication.
The technological transformation of the ships, the shipping companies and the seaports is occurring simultaneously with major upward trends in the quantity of maritime cargo and the increasing number and size of ships, as a result of globalization processes and the growth in trade and the global economy, the increasing demand for energy, the growth in activity in economic waters, etc.
Cyber attackers view the ports, shipping companies and vessels as quality targets, in view of the huge amount of information they possess, the high turnover in the industry and the technological vulnerability of the systems.
Cyber attackers are searching for ways and methods to exploit technological advances in order to carry out cyber-attacks on the seaports, on shipping companies and even on ships, with the goal of financial profit, public exposure or political/military gain.
The presentation will speak about the threats and challenges at the age of maritime cyber.

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