Shipping management consultant

Markos Vassilikos

Markos Vassilikos is an independent Shipping management consultant, with over 25 years of experience in shipping and shipbuilding.

He has worked in Shipping management (bulk carriers, Ro-Ro, tankers), from the positions of  General Manager – Managing Director, managing assets in excess of $2 billion. He has built a track record of year -after- year success in resolving multiple and complex issues, consistently achieving company growth, leading start-up and turnaround efforts,  fully utilizing resources and integrating  Business Intelligence into company’s functions and processes.

Prior to Shipping management, he fulfilled  his career as Captain of the Hellenic Navy, delivering engineering projects, relevant to procurement, shipbuilding, modernization, repairs, and maintenance of Hellenic Navy vessels (frigates, submarines, corvettes) and systems.

He holds two Postgraduate Degrees from MIT.  Ocean Engineer’s Degree, in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and SM in Ocean Systems Management.

Presentation Title:

Is it time to combine Business intelligence, Business Policy and Business Culture to lead traditional shipping management into the next era?

Shipping companies have evolved their management systems by increasingly incorporating industry requirements. Initially these systems where designed to cater to the ISMC prerequisites, however, over time, additional requirements such as ISO, class, statutory, customer and stakeholders’ requests have been integrated. Undergoing this process IT, ERP, OLTP, BI information and BA solutions have been developed as ancillary / support solutions.

Today, computational capabilities continue to rapidly evolve, and the industry is being bombarded with vendors promoting various technologies such as IoT, cloud apps, block chain, machine learning, and cybersecurity.
While the degree of complexity and effectiveness in management systems varies across companies, more and more businesses realize that real time data driven decisions provide a window of opportunity in delivering better services, reducing management and operational costs and successfully adapting to new requirements.
With this in mind, it is of paramount importance to embrace change and redesign management systems, incorporating the huge capacities that BI solutions are offering.
This presentation provides an approach as to how the framework of such an endeavor can be developed, taking into account the company’s vision, policy and cultural aspects.

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