M.Eng, C.Eng, MBA, Director of Operations, IQ Solutions

Panagiotis Gavalas

Panagiotis is the Director of Operations of IQ Solutions SA, a company with a strong portfolio of tailored-made ICT solutions for the Maritime Industry, emphasizing on security, confidentiality, integrity, availability, interoperability, manageability and auditability of Maritime ICT Systems. Acknowledged for his well-defined understanding of the business-technology interface, he balances academic knowledge with market intelligence, holding an M.Eng Degree in Electronics Engineering (Communications) from the University of Sheffield, an MBA from the Hellenic Management Association, and various certifications from ICT vendors, while having accumulated nearly two decades of diverse experience in the ICT Business, focusing on product and services management, from Satellite Communications to Software Defined Datacenters, Private, Hybrid and Public clouds. Panagiotis is currently an M.Sc. student in Shipping Management at the University of Piraeus and is considered one of the strongest ICT opinion leaders in the Maritime Industry due to his unique profile.

Presentation Title:

“Selective ICT Outsourcing for the Maritime Industry – The Game Changer for 2021”

Outsourcing is a strategic choice, implemented for decades by the Shipping Industry, where each new outsourced element is identified by the competitive advantage given to a Shipping Company’s Value Chain. Such as decision is taken by augmenting priorities like Security, Safety, Environmental Friendliness and of course, Cost. The Maritime Industry is going through a rather violent ICT transformation phase, enforced by recently appointed, yet not 100% adopted or mainstreamed rules, based on Cyber Resiliency and ICT Hygiene practices. Threats evolve in parallel and as rapidly as technology does. Hence, it requires tremendous effort to practically follow on Cyber Resilience Guidelines and standardize against ever-evolving Cyber Threats. Meeting and maintaining ICT compliance, while being fully productive and operational is by default risky, if based solely on internal resources. Selective ICT Outsourcing indicates that the Vision and Management of ICT Compliance stays within the core of a Shipping Company, while the evergreen process of the Shipping Company’s Vision Execution of ICT Compliance, vs constantly updated threats and Compliance Standards, is maintained by a competent Outsourced Maritime ICT Integrator. The outcome of this business interaction model, between a Shipping Company and a competent Outsourced Maritime ICT Integrator, is proven to enhance the productivity of stakeholders who are responsible for Compliance within a Shipping Company, while the Shipping Company’s Value Chain is perfectly aligned with Standards in perpetuity, using a very cost-effective and efficient business model.

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