Director Strategic CyberSec

Ross W Tsagalidis

Ross started as Manager IT/CAD and later as Dir InfoSec and Safety at Siemens-Nixdorf Nordics. Subsequently as Dir InfoSec at Celsius Defence Industry, and Y1996 as Business Manager Nordics at Network Systems Corporation, USA. Y1999 he´s recruited as CEO for Telmis AB, a Telemedicine company, and also as a Chairman of the Board and CEO for Novius AB. Y2002 as Chief Engineer in Information Security at the Swedish Defence Material Administration. On behalf of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) he designed and established a process and a methodology for Information Security Assurance and Approval for all procured IT products to SwAF. Since 2010 as Senior Advisor in Information and CyberSec to SwAF, he established and maintained a collaboration program in InfoSec between SwAF – Universities in Sweden and abroad. He also progresses an initiative – the Center for Strategic Leadership in Cyber Space & Security at Stockholm University.

RT is a graduate in mechanics and as well in Computer Sciences and Security Informatics as M.Sc. from the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University. He has also curricula in business economics, personal administration, information operations and information warfare as well, in Sweden, USA and UK. He maintains a particular interest in cybernetics and Infosec and holds frequent discourses in the subject.

Presentation Title:

Strategic Leadership for Sailing Ships with CyberSec to ”Safe Harbors”!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. All our daily-used devices are now connected – or rather interconnected. And the shipping industry is not an exception to this new IIoT world with its connected conventional and semi-/autonomous ships. Modern ships have become genuine computers, equipped with dozens of sensors and processors. Although this brings tremendous benefits for users, the shipping industry will have to step up surveillance of the soft spots where their vessels are vulnerable to data leaks, malfunctions and attacks via mobile applications as well other forms of COMMINT, infotainment systems, comm-systems, etc. We have to face the needs and demands for new , disruptive businesses and solutions with the eyes of a decision maker since they affect the entire eco-system of a conventional as well an autonomous ship. And the issue which appear very transparent as facilitator for prosperous and safe shipping operations is Info-/Cybersec. And last but not least is the role of the decision maker which will divulge and align whether it´s viable or not.”

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