Communication Information Systems (CIS), Information Security (InfoSec), Cyber Defence and Crypto Expert

Stergios Oikonomou

A highly skilled professional, with a 28-year experience in Communication Information Systems (CIS), Information Security (InfoSec), Cyber Defence and Crypto.

Stergios Oikonomou has served as a Staff officer in NATO and EU HQs, while he was and still remains a NATO Tactical Evaluator and an EU Cyber & InfoSec Officer in many exercises around Europe for more than a decade, under his capacity of staff officer and Lieutenant at the Hellenic Air Force.  He holds a Master’s degree in Communication Information Systems security, Big Data administration and Simulation from the University of Thessaly.

Presentation Title:

“Maritime Cybersecurity Policy”

This presentation attempts not only to analyze the anatomy of common cyber threats – attacks, but mainly to give a cyber security policy and its components for the Maritime sector, in order to continue to prosper and benefit from the huge opportunities of the digital technology.
The Maritime industry -a very competitive and complex sector- becomes increasingly dependent on communication and information systems, therefore more susceptible to cybersecurity attacks.
Cyber Defense measures must be in place to face and counter threats. This requires effective tools, a well-trained workforce, proper processes to detect, analyze, counter and mitigate threats and eliminate vulnerabilities.
“An Integrated Maritime Cyber Security Proposal” by Stergios Oikonomou, Ioannis Filippopoulos & Alexandros Voliotis (2019), presented during ISER – 637th International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (ICSTEM), Crete, Greece, 8th-9th August 2019.

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