Project Manager, SQLearn

Aristi (Teti) Gkika

Mrs. Gkika has a strong technical background with studies in Computer Science. She is currently leading SQLearn’s Project Management Department. She is also overseeing SQLearn’s data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements acting as Data Protection Officer having received relevant certification from TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas. Seeking constant self-improvement, she has successfully completed “Train the Trainer” & “Vocational education & training” seminars from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Presentation Title:

Training Management System: a 360 approach to maritime training

SQLearn’s Training Management System (TMS) is a web-based system that gives companies complete training management and a reporting environment for both e-learning and classroom activities. It is designed according to the industry’s best practices and in compliance with the TMSA 3.0 requirements.

TMS is part of Dolphin System, a web-based e-learning system specifically designed for the shipping industry. Dolphin System comprises of two main sub-systems, an ashore cloud installation that includes the main e-learning platform and the TMS as well as an e-learning platform installation per vessel that is able to communicate with the ashore system in order to receive files (courses or user data) and send back user activity reports.

A Training Matrix plugin is integrated in the ashore installation and automatically creates course enrollments based on a company’s training matrix rules. Course enrollments are sent automatically to all vessels so that seafarers can attend the courses that correspond to their current rank.

SQLearn’s TMS offers versatility and many functionalities regarding evaluation and reporting for both seafarers and office personnel. The technology used allows seamless use in conditions with low internet connection speed or no internet connection at all. Ashore and Vessel installations communicate securely and effectively.

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